Nightmare Busters: A New SNES Game (Coming 2013)

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While I was a Sega Genesis fellow myself, I always appreciated the SNES and would weasel my way over to friends houses who owned the system as often as I could. Because of my limited exposure to the system, I’ve since been revisiting a lot of the classics, searching for new games that might peak my interest. A while ago I came across a new SNES game set for release in…2013! Titled “Nightmare Busters”, it was first going to come out in 1995. 18 years later, it looks like we’ll finally be seeing it in all it’s 16 bit glory.

Priced at a steep $60 (plus shipping), the game sold out on pre-order less than a month after being announced. Evidently there are still some serious fan boys out there. This isn’t the only SNES release of recent. There are still small, active communities on the internet developing unofficial, independent SNES roms, though nothing has made it to cartridge form like Nightmare Busters.

Just 5 days ago, GameStop announced they’re going to start selling vintage games. Is it all a gimmick, or are we on the verge of a nostalgia driven console revival? I suppose we’ll find out next year.

Fun Fact: The last game to be released (before Nightmare Busters) on SNES was a remake of Frogger from 1998.


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