TLC’s New Show Is Called “Best Funeral Ever”

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Move over Honey Boo Boo. Amish kids? Who cares. Oh, you have 7 wives? That’s boring. Entertainment Weekly got the scoop on TLC’s latest star of a series in “Best Funeral Ever.”

The title really says it all, doesn’t it? What used to be a channel of learning, will now be broadcasting a series that highlights a funeral parlour in Dallas, Texas that specializes in creating a unique experience for every funeral procession they recieve.

Golden Gate Funeral Home operates on the basis of doing away with the traditional funeral, and instead throwing the most outlandish of parties. Instead of funerals, they refer to these events as “home going celebrations.” Now, these home goings will be showcased on TLC for the world to see.

“A home-going is much different than a funeral, it’s a celebration,” Golden Gate CEO John Beckwith Jr. says of his company’s approach. “The Golden Gate experience is our version of the traditional African American home-going celebration. We do not produce generic funerals; everybody’s experience has to be different.”

Just to give you a taste of what this unique experience would entail, one home going celebration set to be featured in the show was Christmas and barbecue themed. There was snow, elves, reindeer, and a barbecue sauce fountain, with which patrons could dip a celebratory rip into as a goodbye to their loved one.
“Best Funeral Ever” will premiere on TLC on December 26th.
Image Credit: TLC


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