Wizard of Oz Multiplayer Game Coming to Facebook

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Who doesn’t like The Wizard of Oz? And, who doesn’t like Facebook? Let me rephrase that: who isn’t addicted to Facebook? Now, that I have everyone’s attention, let me introduce to you the new Wizard of Oz multiplayer game that is coming to Facebook.

Spooky Cool Labs based out of hicago have accuired the licenses to the clegendary movie for a ulti-platform game that will be distributaed by the social networking giant.

The game will use “highly realistic graphics rendered in full colour 3D that doesn’t require special glasses” and will include footage from the film.

The startup game lab has raised over $10 million in investments, and put over $8 million into the development of this game, hoping to rival the Farmville’s and Angry Bird’s of Facebook.

A description of the game reads:

“players can walk down the Yellow Brick Road with Dorothy, or see it from Dorothy’s point of view. The first hour or so of play is free and then users must wait to accumulate more playing time or make “micro payments,” buying “emerald” energy stores that extend their play. They can also pa extras from getting a Munchkin to cut wood for their house, to avoiding a visit from the Wicked Witch.”

With the beta testers having reported playing the game up to 11 hours a day, this game is going to be your new addiction.


Image Credit: Spooky Cool Labs


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