A Portrait Drawn by Hand using 2.1 Million Ink Dots

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In 2004 a man suffering from dissociative amnesia was found unconscious behind a fast food restaurant in Georgia. He had no belongings, a severe sunburn, and was nearly blind from cataracts. He had absolutley no idea who he was, and thus adopted the pseudonym Benjamin Kyle.

As the only citizen in the United States officially listed as missing regardless of his location being known, Benjamin Kyle now faces extreme obstacles re-integrating into society; Over the past 8 years Kyle has been repeatedly denied a social security number, bank accounts, and credit cards as the government argues that “he already has one” despite his true identity being a complete mystery.

Inspired by the film Finding Benjamin that aired at the Tribeca Film Festival, artist Miguel Endara was prompted to help in any way he could. He decided to create these tedious images in efforts of raising awareness and money for the cause (by selling prints) with an end goal of supporting a petition to get Benjamin a new social security number.

You can read more about the drawings right here.

Image Credit: Miguel Endara


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