The Killers Release Animated Sequel to “Mr Brightside” In New “Miss Atomic Bomb” Video

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High off the release of their seventh Christmas-themed single, the dominant force that is The Killers has shown no signs of lsowing down, realeasing their new video for the single “Miss Atomic Bomb.”

The song comes from the band’s fourth album, “Battle Born,” but the video acts as a sequel to the band’s breakthrough hit “Mr. Brightside,” from the first album “Hot Fuss.”

This time however, the plot is portrayed in animated form, and acts as real spectacle for the viewer.

In case you don’t remember plot lines from music videos made in 2005, “Mr Brightside” tells a story in “which singer Brandon Flowers, a dancer played by Izabella Miko, and a silver fox depicted by Eric Roberts wind up in a lopsided love triangle in the middle of a burlesque show. At the time, it seemed Flowers had lost his lithe-footed love and indeed, the new clip for Battle Born single “Miss Atomic Bomb” confirms that.”

SPIN describes the new clip  as follows:

“The story begins with an older man in a desert-docked motorhome, eyeing a photo of a much younger ballerina. From there, we get an animated flashback that first prequels “Brightside,” showing the Killers as a humble garage band and Flowers as a cool motorcycle bro taking the dancer on the ride of her life. But things go south when we arrive at a cartoon version of the old video, and when we pick back up with Flowers outside of the Vegas venue, he’s tossing aside an engagement ring and heading back out into the Nevada sands.

Even if you don’t like the track, the cartoon video is exciting to watch.



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