Don’t be Sexist or You’ll be Banned From Halo 4 For Life

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Woman have always had a hard time in the video game world. Constantly being belittled for their sex rather than their ability.

Truly unacceptable behaviour, and now Microsoft has stepped up to agree. In an interview with Gamespot, two of the industry’s most prominent women in the industry stated that next week’s long awaited release of Halo 4 would not be welcome to sexists.

“This is behaviour that is offensive and completely unacceptable. I’d like to think most of our Xbox Live players don’t support this kind of behaviour.” said Microsoft’s 343 Industries Executive Bonnie Ross.

Ross and Halo 4′s executive producer Kiki Wolfkill told the gaming website that they would be adopting a “zero-tolerance” policy for sexist behaviour on their servers. If you are caught making sexist or discriminatory remarks, you will earn yourself a new achievement: a lifetime ban from the game.

So, who’s going to be playing Halo 4 next week once every male Xbox player is banned?


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