FOX’s Internship Program Under Legal Attack

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Bad news for FOX, good news for its previous interns. A class action lawsuit has been filed against the media conglomerate for mistreating its summer interns.

Last fall, two interns who worked on the film Black Swan started the process of suing FOX Searchlight, claiming that the company’s unpaid internship program violated minimum wage and overtime laws.

While that lawsuit most likely could have been quietly brushed under the rug, things have gotten a whole lot bigger as this new lawsuit “broadens the scope of the case to include all interns who participated in FOX Entertainment Group’s internship program.”

The plaintiffs involved in the lawsuit claim that the interns hired to work in July 2010 with not paid, although they were required to fill out I-9 forms, sign confidentiality agreements and were deemed employees covered under workers’ compensation laws.

Surely a great deal of legal “mumbo jumbo” (I think that’s the technical term) is to follow, but in any case this is only going to bring bad publicity to FOX, something it most definitely does not want.

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