Michael Jackson the Robot Assassin!

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When I was about five I was obsessed with Michael Jackson. I used to bust spastic kid interpretations of his dance moves, mumble along to his songs and watch his little known VHS release “Moonwalker” religiously. Most of the tape was comprised of old music videos. The ending short film however is something truly “unique”. Funded almost entirely by Michael (to the tune of about $20 million) it’s about as bizarre as ego trips come.

Originally planned to be a full length film, the short stars Michael as himself while he tries to save his friends (who are all children) from an evil drug dealer named Mr.Big (played by Joe Pesci). Mr.Big and his army of henchman are bent on getting kids addicted to heroin. Michael’s not having it. So what does he do? Watch the video to find out.

The special effects in this scene were done by Spielberg’s team and they still look pretty bad ass. This scene used to scare the living crap out of me, but I loved it so much I’d make fake machine guns and robot body parts out of Duplo and pretend I was morphing into Robojackson.

“Moonwalker” was a total flop, but the video game based off of it fared a little better. It appeared on various 8bit and 16bit platforms, as well standard arcade boxes.

If anyone still needs convincing to watch the video just check out the tagline (probably written by Michael as well):

“Robot… Super Car… Spaceship… Star… A Superstar… Megastar…”


Nerdy Sidenote: Watching this again I realized one of the kids is Sean Lennon.


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