Satire: Montreal Bylaw Requires Dogs To Understand Commands In English And French

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This interview is from a CBC satire radio show and is fictional.

Proposed earlier this week by Montreal city councilor Benoit LaDouce, is a by-law that would require all dogs in public areas to be able to understand commands in both english and french.

According to councilor LaDouce:

“Dogs parks in our city are chaotic and communication is at the heart of the conflict.”

The rationale then follows (In LaDouce’s argument) that human and canine relations may exist more peacefully if commands can be understood by dogs in both french and english languages.

LaDouce believes “owners would only have to teach their pets 80-90 commands in another language”. Which is something that may, or may not be possible given both a dogs mental capacity, and it’s age.

Below is an audio clip of a CBC interview with councilor LaDouce:

What are your thoughts on this issue?


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