Movie Theatres Markup on Popcorn Reaches 1.275%

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With summer blockbusters being released at record speeds this year, it’s safe to say most of us will be travelling to the theatre on at least one occasion this season. While we all know how expensive it can be to not only secure a ticket into the theatre, but also consume your favorite treats, it can be difficult not to indulge.

Perhaps you weren’t aware though just how much movie theatres are ripping you off. An article published in The Atlantic brings the staggering statistics to the forefront.

“At the grocery store, microwave popcorn runs about $3 per box, and each box includes three 3.5 ounce bags. So why on earth would consumers even consider paying a whopping $6 for a single medium-sized bag of popcorn in the movie theater? No one knows exactly why - but for some bizarre reason, movie-goers continue to drain their wallets to crunch on a bag full of those greasy little nuggets during their favorite film.

After considering that movie theaters purchase popcorn in bulk, the average markup of movie theater popcorn is a whopping 1275%! At that steep price, you’d think those buttery bags were laced with gold.”

So, is the buttery deliciousness really worth it? I’m sure many of us will be contemplating that decision this weekend.

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