Rihanna Releasing Ridiculous Box Set of New Album for $250

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I know we’re all waiting with bated breath for the release of Rihanna’s latest album “Unapologetic,” which is due out in just a few weeks.

For us die-hard’s out there tohugh, a measly CD simply isn’t enough. A vinyl record, you say? Hogwash. What I want is a Diamonds Executive Platinum Box.

Rihanna is releasing the super exclusive version of her latest album on December 11th for a whopping $250.

Here’s what you’ll get though:

  • Collectible colored “Diamonds” vinyl remixes
  • an 11×17 handwritten personal note from Rihanna
  • a 2GB USB flash drive (supposedly containing extras)
  • a unisex T-shirt
  • 40 page notebook with handwritten notes and lyrics
  • 28 page photo and art booklet
  • DVD featuring footage from Rihanna’s LOUD tour
  • an exclusive poster
  • a bunch of photos, stickers, and lithographs.

Oh, and you’ll also get a copy of the album I guess.

Now for those not so desperate to shell out that kind of money, you’ll also have the option to purchase the Diamonds Deluxe Edition Box, which will be released November 19th and set you back $79.

This edition will feature a t-shirt, stickers, DVD, and what is described as a “limited edition genuine, conflict free diamond bracelet.”

So, if you’re into that, there you go. Or you could just listen to the album like a normal person.


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