Show Yourself - new project about extreme adventures

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Show Yourself - the unique Internet project about extreme, an underground and the adventures, calculated on those who loves fighters, travel, extreme videos, 3D shooters also wishes to receive a dose of all this in the concentrated look immediately.

Show Yourself weekly suggests you to forget for 5 minutes about the one who you are and than you are engaged and to reincarnate in the person who has opportunities to travel all over the world, jump from a roof on a roof, to fight at the same time with several opponents and to get into the most unexpected places by means of the most unusual ways.

Show Yourself transfers to epicenter of improbable adventures and dizzy tricks performed by the main character (the viewer) and the most known world representatives of all extreme subcultures.

The narration is led from the subjective point of view and from the first person. Part of time the viewer sees the events eyes of the main character on which head the wide-angle camera with system of stabilization of the image is fixed.

As anchormen extreme stars, street art artists, musicians, champions of single combats and other heroes act.

Show Yourself immerses in the story about unevident things in the world surrounding us and pushes together with street culture face to face.


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