The Secret World of Alex Mack - 9/11 Conspiracy

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Internet journeys - maybe it’s just me, but they almost always seem to end up weird (especially at 3am).

Take my most recent travels down the fiber optic highways for instance:

  1. I Began reading about video game releases. One peaked my interest, its title: “The Secret World”.
  2. Being a mac user I Google a check for a mac version; My search reads: The Secret World mac
  3. Most of my searches pull up things related to the old Nickelodeon kids show “The Secret World of Alex Mack”.
  4. I revisit some mildly entertaining scenes from the show on Youtube.
  5. I end up finding the conspiracy video posted here. Or did it find me?

Watching the video it would seem the illuminati know no bounds. New world orders, global socio-political puppetry and now vague and hackneyed allusions to the most earth shattering event in modern history aimed at a bunch of braindead 6 year olds on an entirely forgettable tv show in 1994. Monsters.


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