Two Paranormal Activity Films Announced for 2013

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How did you spend your weekend? Perhaps you were one of the many who filled theatres around the world to catch the premiere of Paranormal Activity 4? While the film did top the box office this weekend, its overall performance was underwhelming. This opening garnered the least revenue out of all 4 films, and suffered a 46% ($26.5 million) drop in revenue compared to the last film.

None of this however, has stopped Paramount Pictures from steamrolling ahead with the franchise. The production company has scheduled not one, but two Paranormal Activity films for 2013.

Paranormal Activity 5 will hit theatres in October 2013, while a spin-off film rumored to be titled Paranormal Activity: The Oxnard Files, has not been given a tentative release date, but is said to be released “earlier next year.”

A brief teaser for the spin-off is teased during the end credits of Paranormal Activity 4. “The brief teaser features no English whatsoever, the key is to connect the one-off adventure as an extension of The Witches’ Coven introduced in the third film.”

I think it’s time Paramount stopped beating this dead horse.

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures


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