Trap Music - What the Cool Kids are Listening To

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Diplo is the David Bowie or Madonna of the modern electronic music craze. For better or worse he’s a sonic chameleon who changes his colours according to trends. For the past half a decade he’s been a consistent beacon of what’s at the forefront of electronic music. He blew up with M.I.A. (Producing her ubiquitous tune “Paper Planes”) then transitioned seamlessly into the Electro/House scene and has since dabbled in Dubstep, Moombahton and now Trap Music.

Trap music is what Diplo is pushing. Trap music is what the cool kids are listening to. It’s basically just southern rap beats complete with skittering hi-hats and classic 808 drums. The difference is there’s more attention to production and variation (as they are often instrumentals). I’m on the fence about the whole movement, but then again…I’m not really cool.

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