Allen Iverson Buried In Debt Yet Still Driving A Maybach

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Despite being in an overwhelming amount of debt, former NBA All Star Allen Iverson still finds time for the luxuries in life.

According to court documentation, Iverson is only bringing in $62,500/ month, yet he’s spending an absurd $358,376.66/month!

$125,749.33 is being payed to various creditors while he blows $10,000/month on clothes, $10,000/month on groceries and household supplies, $1,000/month on dry cleaning, $5,000/month on entertainment, $5,000/month on restaurants, and other various expenses. Did we mention he still drives a Maybach?

Iverson made over $150 million in his NBA career yet admits that each month he loses money at an alarming rate of $295,876.66/month. After all is said and done, Iverson is worth $340k - $400k at the present moment, and at this rate, it will only take one more month to deplete his accounts.

via TMZ
Image Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images



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