Snoop Lion Tells Reddit He Smokes 81 Blunts A Day And Has A Metal Band Called ‘Tha 9 Inch Dixx’

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On Wednesday, the artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg took to reddit for an ask me anything session. The results were nothing short of amazing.

To kick off the AMA, Snoop became one of the first ever to ask himself anything, posing his own question: ”Who da only person that has evr smoked me out?”. After waiting an hour he answered in kind: “willie nelson, wiz khalifa n b-real!!! my guys!!!”

As the questioning goes on, Snoop reveals a few amazing bits of information such as the amount he smokes per day, his views on the Twinkie crisis, and speaking out on his metal project. Read, share, and enjoy.

via AUX
Image Credit: Reddit


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