An Awesome Inside Look at the ‘Nintendo World’ Store [VIDEO] + Top 10 Nintendo Memories

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Filmed by Israel Gonzalez on his 5D Mark II + Canon 50mm 1.4, here’s an amazing look inside the workings of New York’s ‘Nintendo World Store’.

This store filled with Nintendo nostalgia, is enough to make any generation X/Y child giddy once again; life sized Zelda Shields, Duck Hunt memorabilia, and of course who can forget the Nintendo power glove.

In honor of this awesome tribute to Nintendo, we’ve created a list of the top 10 contributions to the system’s history.

10. Video Game Cartridges

9. The Gun from Duck Hunt

8. Starfox 64

7. The Arrival of the Pokemon Franchise

6. Goldenye

5. Super Mario Fireballs

4. Link

3. The Game Boy

2. NHL ’94

1. The Power Glove


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