Bruce Wayne Manor and Gotham City Blvd Take Over King and Front in Downtown Toronto

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If you live in Toronto and work in the downtown core chances are that your morning commute has just been rescheduled (sort of). Instead of driving to work using King Street and Front, citizens will have to make their way into the city using Bruce Wayne Manor and Gotham City Blvd. 

In promotion of the upcoming Dark Knight Rises, Warner Bros. received permission to vandalize Toronto’s city streets in a tasteful and appropriate Dark Knight manner.

This isn’t the first time the studio has done something of the sort. Toronto street signs were once used in the exact same promotional effort for the Harry Potter franchise.

The signs themselves are set to come down on July 20 and have caused a bit of a controversial issue as some point out with regards to the fact that these signs were created on city dollar. Albeit WB studios was eventually billed for the work, city time was taken up to create this signage.

Regardless of opinion on the issue of the signs creation, I truly believe this is an awesome promotional effort. It works especially well in a city like Toronto that already espouses a Gotham like feel. Good job WB!

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