Baby Born at Racetrack Receives free NASCAR Tickets for Life

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Katie Arnold was born a healthy baby girl, albeit, a tad unexpectedly. She was so eager to come forth into the world that she simply couldn’t wait until her mother, Shawna Arnold, arrived at the hospital. Instead, she made her grand entrance at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

Due to the nature of car racing, the NH Motor Speedway has ambulances on hand who rushed to Shawna’s aid as she and her boyfriend began to self deliver. Katie was born in the parking lot, and the new baby and happy couple were rushed to the hospital in a New Hampshire Motor Speedway ambulance.

Tom Blanchette, the operations director of the speedway said “We had a motorcycle event on track, and typically we would have a couple of ambulances on property to provide safety for riders and competitors that come here to enjoy the Magic Mile. So it was time perfectly for them; they new where to stop.” And the clincher here? Both Katie and her parents were given free tickers to every future race for the rest of their lives.

And who said cars going around in a circle was boring?

Image Credit: Off the Bench


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