Barack Obama Wins… at Having the Coolest Friends

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It’s the big night, election night. While many of us will be turning the spectacle into some sort of obnoxious drinking game, very real issues are at hand. Which presidential candidate has the coolest friends?

With little time left to campaign, the two nominees brought out the big guns last night to help gain support. In Ohio, Barack Obama rallied with Bruce Springsteen and Jay - Z.

A much different mood was struck in New Hampshire, where Mitt Romney enlisted the star power of Kid Rock for his rally. Do people still like Kid Rock? More importantly, do Republicans like Kid Rock?

I think we know who had more fun, although it seems Jay was forced to mercifully edit his rhymes. Watch above as he plays “99 Problems,” where he raps, “I got 99 problems/ but a Mitt ain’t one.”


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