Music Deemed More Depressing Then It’s Ever Been

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It wasn’t long ago that the world reported recent trends in music citing it as louder and more boring. Now research is arguing that America’s popular music is getting increasingly depressing.

“A recent study published in the journal of Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and The Arts looked at over 1,000 Top 40 songs from five decades, and found that, increasingly over the years, more songs have used minor chords and slower tempos, which researchers say proves that popular music has taken a turn for the negative”

The researchers concluded that the gradual shift is due to people’s need for individuality and a demand for “sophistication in their taste”. Apparently seriousness and sophistication equals depressing.

But, this study claims that is what today’s “grown up pop radio listener” wants to hear. And, it isn’t terribly surprising, just look at the success of Adele.


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