Children’s Monster Drawings Painted Realistically

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Meet Dave Devries: an artist concerned equally with both the realistic and the fantastical. Devries has created a book entitled “The Monster Engine,” in which he has taken a slew of children’s doodle’s and transformed them into drawings of an amazing caliber.

The book was spawned from one simple question - What would a children’s drawing look like if it were painted realistically? The successful comic artist describes the project as follows:

“It began at the Jersey Shore in 1998, where my niece Jessica often filled my sketchbook with doodles. While I stared at them, I wondered if color, texture and shading could be applied for a 3D effect. As a painter, I made cartoons look three dimensional every day for the likes of Marvel and DC comics, so why couldn’t I apply those same techniques to a kid’s drawing? That was it… no research, no years of toil, just the curiosity of seeing Jessica’s drawings come to life.”

While most of the art doesn’t exactly come off as “realistic,” there is a certain amount of realism placed in each painting that makes this series a real treat for the eyes. Some of them are also truly creepy, and the fact that each demented image came from the mind of a child just makes it all the more frightening.

Take a look at the striking images below. And view the rest of the collection right here.

Image Credit: Dave Devries



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