Five Movies You’ve Never Seen But Definitely Should

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Four Rooms

Think you’ve seen every Tarantino movie? You may have one left to see. Well actually it is only a quarter of a movie, but boy is it good. “Four Rooms” is a cinema lover’s classic with four of the 90s top filmmakers each writing and directing their own segment of the movie. Tim Roth, in what could be his best performance ever, ties each of the four films together as the hotel’s bellboy working unwillingly on New Year’s Eve.  “Four Rooms” is packed with incredible actors including Bruce Willis, Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Marisa Tomei and many others.


This movie is no comedy and is actually quite disturbing, but it is the real deal. Teenagers on drugs in New York City that makes “Thirteen” look like “Clueless”. Great dialogue. Great cinematography. Great acting. Great movie.


“Slackers” is hands down one of the funniest movies out there. If you like to laugh, watch these three eroommates cheat their way through college. Jason Segal (Marshall in “How I Met Your Mother”) is hilarious, outdone only by Cool Ethan, played by Jason Schwartzman, the best bad guy since Shooter McGavin.


If one cheating through school movie wasn’t enough for you don’t worry, we have another ready to go. “Cheats” is a low budget movie but is damn entertaining. Imagine “Ferris Bueller” mixed with “Billy Madison”. That may be a tad generous but this is definitely worth watching and has some lines that you are sure to be repeating with your friends for years to come. It also may give you some good hints on getting through high school the easy way.

Miller’s Crossing

Before “The Big Lebowski” and before “Fargo” The Coen Brothers took on the gangster genre in true fashion. This will not disappoint. Gabriel Byrne is remarkable and the usual suspects, John Turturro and Steve Buscemi, are fantastic as well.


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