Introducing The ‘Napsack’, A Sleeping Bag Snuggie

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When Snuggie’s “blanket with sleeves” concept bizarrely took the world by storm, flocks of enterprising inventors dropped everything to cash in on the portable loungewear fracas. Enter the Napsack, a hooded sleeping bag that manages to look even sillier than a Snuggie ever could. That’s really saying something.

Theoretically, you can take your Napsack camping and use it as a sleeping bag (from which you never have to leave in the morning), but a 50 degree Fahrenheit rating means you might be better off with the real deal unless it’s a hot summer night.

If you’re still interested in this silly camp accessory, it’ll set you back $130 — but send you miles ahead in equippable comfort. We just want to know what happened to bathrobes.


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