Slayer Release Their Own ‘Ugly’ Christmas Sweater

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Everyone knows that in 2012, the trendiest thing to do around the holiday’s is bust out the fugliest sweater you can find and rock it at all the parties like your Grandma never could.

Keeping with this tradition, Slayer have jumped on board giving fans the chance to purchase a less cheerful and more satanical take on the beloved Christmas sweater.

As seen above, Slayer’s sweater features skulls and pentagrams, with a classic red and black stripe detail. The item is being dubbed as “Slayer’s Christmas Holiday Jumper.”

Unfortunately, the item sold out expectedly quickly and will now be coveted as a collector’s item. If you didn’t get your hands on one in time for this holiday season, you’ll have to start looking on eBay.

Image Credit: Slayer



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