Pizza Hut Selects 110 Canadians to Receive Their Pizza Cologne ‘Eau du Pizza’

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The wafting aroma of pizza is a heavenly smell am I right? If one were to describe the scent of an angel, it’s most likely they would describe it using the scent of pizza. Therefor it totally isn’t wierd that Pizza Hut will be giving 110 lucky Canadians a bottle of Eau du Pizza, right? Well, it is a little weird.

110 Canadians have been selected to experience pizza in cologne form as a promotional campaign from the Dallas based pizza company. The campaign set in response to a company reaching 100,000 ‘likes’ on their Facebook page selected the 110 recipients from over 1000 responses.

Pizza Hut Canada executive Beverly D’Cruz made it clear that only 110 of these perfumes had been created, and there was no intention (as of yet) to bring the product to store shelves. Surely we might be seeing some of the bottles appearing on eBay, yet if you live in Canada and smell pizza in the near future, it might just be from a trendy new cologne.


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