Manatee Therapists Are The Hottest New Trend

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It’s been a long, rough week. As the workweek winds down for the majority of us, you may need some consoling as we enter the weekend. Who better to do so, than the majestic 13-foot, 1,200-pound manatee?

The latest meme to sweep the Internet is entitled “Calming Manatees” and features a collection of images hosted on the website which shows the docile creatures offering up some sage advice.

Perhaps you didn’t know, but the cows of the sea are quite loving beasts. They’ll always be there for you, ready to calm you down and lend an open ear, reminding you that “your friends are the worst,” and that “tomorrow will always be a new day.”

Kurt Elster, the creative director for Chicago-based web design Company, created the site. Since launching the website in April, nearly 6 million people have visited to be praised by the sea cows.

“I don’t think it’s so much funny as different,” said Elster. “The LOLcat style presentation is incongruous with the message. Manatees are known for their gentle demeanor as ‘sea cows,’ we took that idea one step further and them marine therapists.”

Image Credit: Calming Manatees


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