New Dating Website Aimed at Star Trek Fans

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Do you live a sad and lonely life because of your undying love for all things Klingon? If life is looking bleak, then fear not, for the internet has once agin saved the day.

A new dating websute has been launched that is specifically aimed at lovers of Star Trek.

Trekkie Dating is aimed at those who wish “to live love and prosper,” and find their love online. It is free to sign up for the service, browse profiles, upload photos, and send “flirty” messages with other fans.

Some of these “flirty” messages include:

“You must have been shot with a phaser set to stunning!” [the main weapon in the show]
“Tell me of this thing you humans call (pause) love.”
“Can I tribble you for a chat?” [tribbles are small, furry creatures]
“Logic tells me we have a lot in common!”

While this may sound absurd, there is a dating website for every niche these days including bikers, cowboys, cat lovers, and tattoo enthusiasts. It sohuld come as no surprise one has been started for fans of an iconic TV show.




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