New York’s Hot Sugar Samples An Internet Modem for Latest Track Featuring Heems [LISTEN]

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Chances are you may not have heard of Hot Sugar, an up and coming producer from New York. That’s ok though, because you’ll be haering a lot about him soon.

The unique producer who only uses “found sounds” (that is, he loads up a sampler with different sounds and lets loose) dropped his latest track today entitled “56k,” which has quickly become the most hyped track on the internet right now.

As the title suggests, the track uses the sounds we all loathe from a modem starting up, but turns it into a groovy electronic beat. The main draw of the song however, is a verse from Queens rapper Heems, of Das Racist fame.

Take a second to remember internet’s past, and fire up this track.

Hot Sugar’s new EP “Midi Murder,” which “56k” is taken from, is released tomorrow.



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