Nicole Westbrook Is The New Rebecca Black With “It’s Thanksgiving”

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What more do you want while sitting around the table for Thanksgiving dinner than a hot new jam that’s wholesome and fun for the whole family.

For some reason, the world thinks we need another Rebecca Black. Enter Nicole Westbrook who released her first song “It’s Thanksgiving” earlier this week. Much like Black’s “Friday,” the song has taken the internet by storm, but not for it’s musical attributes.

Let’s be honest, the song is a joke, yet it’s catching on like wildfire. “Cheesy” doesn’t really begin to describe this new track, with uninspired lyrics sung to an auto tuned perfection.

The song itself focusses on Westbrook’s favourite holiday, Thanksgiving of course, and comes from the same people who made Rebecca Black an internet sensation, Ark Music Factory.

Watch above, if you dare.


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