Obama Wins, America Goes Gay, and Marijuana is Legal: A Big Night for the US

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While the big commotion last night obviously surrounded the re-election of Barack Obama, there were a few of other things that happened in yesterday’s US vote that deserve your attention.

In a massive step forward for gay rights and fellow activists, the first openly gay senator was elected. Democratic representative, Tammy Baldwin won her seat in Wisconsin giving her the title. Congratulations are definitely in order for Baldwin.


In other LGBT news, Maryland, Maine, and Washington all passed bills for marriage equality, thus making same sex legal.

Colorado also had a monumental night, becoming the first state to legalize marijuana. That’s right; mary jane is now officially legal in Colorado. Voters in the rocky state passed Amendment 64, a bill, which proposed the end of marijuana prohibition and amends the state constitution to allow the personal use and sale of recreational marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol. The revenues made from this will go towards school construction and the state’s general fund.


Washington also passed a similar bill, making marijuana legal for those over the age of 21. Personal cultivation however is still illegal.

All in all, a good night for good old America.

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