Obama Wins Title of Most Re-Tweeted Picture of All Time

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That image up above, you’re probably familiar with it now because it has become the most re-tweeted picture of all time. A truly prestigious honour.

The photo was first posted by the President on Twitter after hearing of his re-election. “We’re all in this together. That’s how we campaigned and that’s who we are. Thank you -bo,” he wrote.

A follow-up tweet was posted shortly after showing the now famous picture and the caption “Four more years.” As of midnight EST it become the most re-tweeted picture of all time with 302,176 re-tweets.

The photo was also posted to Facebook, where it received over a million ‘likes’ in under an hour.

The election itself elicited a record breaking 327,453 tweets per minute at 11:19 PM EST. As of 10:16 PM EST 20 million election related tweets had been posted, making this election “the most tweeted event in US political history,” according to Twitter.

Thats’ not terribly surprising given the growing nature of the social network, that and everyone and their dog had something to say about the election online last night.

Image Credit: Barrack Obama/Twitter


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