Real Middle Earth Homes Reminiscent of LOTR’s ‘Shire’

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Hi Frodo!

As objectively beautiful as this, this is straight up creepy. In the hunt for environmental friendliness, developers in Dietikon, Switzerland have built what can only be considered a modernist take on J.R.R. Tolkein’s Middle Earth. A series of 9 individual homes have been erected under a layer of earth that provides them with natural insulation and allows for the homes to consume just 1/3 of the energy a regular home uses.

These homes vary in size, including one that contains 7 bedrooms and they surround an (unfortunately) artificial lake. According to My Modern Met, there is even a “subterranean parking lot”, and though I’m sure these residents do drive regular cars, it’s way more fun to assume they get around in murky submarines avoiding the bogs and sea creatures. One can dream!

I will hand it to the developers for using nature in a way that allowed the ecosystem to remain relatively stable, and use the already existing space to develop this unique neighbourhood. No doubt Peter Jackson is already looking here to film The Hobbit 2…or is it The Hobbit 4? Either way, I won’t be seeing it. Hobbits give me the creeps.

Image Credit: MDS


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