Virgins Wanted

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A controversial new film dubbed “a documentary for the twenty first century,” is auctioning of the virginities of two young people, and chronicling the experience.

The trailer above says it all. Two young people, Catarina and Alexander, are both in their twenties and virgins. They both have their own reasons for not having yet done the deed, and are now looking to capitalize on it.

Reaction to the film has so far been mixed, but the trailer looks to paint an inspirational portrait of two people who just want to get some.

More info on the film can be found at and if you’re so inclined, there are still two days left to place your bid on either Catarina or Alexander.

The site shows the current bids for both stars, and let’s just says it’s not exactly an even race. Bidding for Catarina is currently at $255,000 with Jack Miller from the United States placing the highest bid. He is followed close behind however by a series of other men, and it’s now telling how that race will turn out, or what the sum of money will look like in two days.

Bidding for Alexander however, is at a measly $1,300 with the highest bid coming from Anahi Estefan in Brazil.

I hope it is a wonderful experience for both of them, as Catarina claims in the trailer this is “more sane than getting drunk at a bar and doing it that way.” Can’t argue with that logic.


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