Star Wars 7 Will Feature a Completely Original Plot

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With this week’s announcement that Disney would be acquiring LucasFilms and commissioning a new series of Star Wars films, die hard fans have undoubtedly been subject to an emotional roller coaster of epic proportions.

Debates online have become intensely heated, with fans arguing over details of the upcimng films. Many seem to believe that the trilogy will follow the series of novels written by Timothy Zahn entitled the Thrawn Trilogy.

Fans seem to think adapting this plot to the big screen would make the most sense because it takes place directly following the rebel victory (after Return of the Jedi)

Amid fan speculation though, Lucasfilms has quickly squashed all of these rumors with a source saying, “It’s an original story.”

So forget the novels, the graphic novels, the TV spin-0ffs. Apparently Episode 7 will feature things you’ve never seen or heard of before in the Star Wars universe.

It should also be stated, that although speculation is rampent, no director has yet to be officially tied to the film. What we do now though, is that George Lucas will have very little involvement in the films, giving way to a new generation of Star Wars story-telling.

More news as it becomes available, but it looks like we’ll have to wait till 2014 to see what’s really in store for Luke Skywalker.

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