The Apple Collection….Available at Retailers Near You

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Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Apple, And Armani all common names in the fashionistas vocabulary… Wait a minute…….Yea Apple. In the good old 80′s apple decided to take a shot at threading some cotton together producing an o so inspiring catalog of awesomely epic clothes and everyday accessories.

“The Apple Collection” was born, from beer mugs, to towels, clothes, and even lunch boxes, they really did have plans to take over the world…..what went wrong? An Apple lunch box…man you would be the coolest kid in the cafetornasium with that swag.

I have to say those visors and snap-backs are pretty dope, and would no doubt fetch a pretty penny on the open market today with all those hipsters running around. I think Apple was 20 years ahead of their time with that idea…too bad it never took off.

Whats your favourite piece?

One thought on “The Apple Collection….Available at Retailers Near You

  1. Callum Gillies

    Loving the brim on that ball cap too. I wonder if they patented those angles?

    That’s fashion.

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