Unlucky Customer Drops Bottle of Cognac Worth $77,000

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It looks like Bad Luck Brian has been hanging out at London’s Playboy Club after a very unfortunate incident that occurred this week. After asking to see the clubs most prized possession, a 1788 bottle of Cognac Clos du Griffer, which is valued at $77,000, the bottle was dropped to the ground where it shattered.

The customer was getting up out of his seat and knocked the bottle from its handler. The bottle was not insured, as it had been previously opened that night because the customer in question had just two classes of the liquor for a spectacular $ 10,000 each.

The bottle was set to be featured in the world’s most expensive cocktail, which was to be mixed later in the week in London in front of judges from the Guinness Book of Records. But, obviously that won’t be happening anymore. It is unknown whether or not the man will actually have to pay for the vintage liquor, but boy oh boy is that ever unfortunate.

Image Credit: DrinksBusiness


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