Watch Lana Del Rey’s New Video for “Ride”

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Hipstergasms are happening all over the place right now. Today, the ever-so-sultry Lana Del Rey released a stunning clip for her track “Ride.”

The entire video is ten minutes long, with the music not kicking in until about four minutes making it a cinematic experience right?

No matter what you’re stance on this Internet sensation is, the video is worth checking out. It’s a nice love story, fused into a short film, backed by a surprisingly unpretentious song from Del Rey.

The video is being released in order to gear up for the singer’s upcoming EP “Paradise” due out November 13th. Hopefully, this means some tour dates will follow suit.

While the video follows her usual “bad-ass, bad girl” scheme, it’s good nonetheless. Motorcycles, Americana imagery, and generally debauchery ensue.

If you like her music, or if you just think she’s drop-dead gorgeous (read: she is) check out the clip.


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