Artist Uses Models and Body Paint to Create Strikingly Real Image of a Crashed Car

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Here is, without question, the coolest thing you’ve seen all week.

Here is a picture that from a far would appear to just be a normal portrait of a crashed car. Look a bit closer though, and you’ll see that the image is constructed using nothing but people in body paint.

An Australian artist, Emma Hack, created the image using 17 bodybuilders, athletes and acrobats “curled up on top of each other to create the image of a crashed car.”

The piece “Body Crash” was created as part of an Australian road safety campaign, and marks quite the achievement for Hack, who was also responsible for the body paint in Gotye’s smash “Somebody I Used to Know” music video.

Hack spent 18 hours painting and arranging the models to get the image just right. Now, that’s dedication.


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