Cabs in New York Take Day Off as City Faces Shortage of Gas

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After Sandy left the east coast with more than a few bruises earlier this week, New Yorkers are today facing yet another setback in getting their lives back to normal.

With subway schedules extremely disrupted, and lines for busses crowding every street, many people have been relying on the service of cabs this week to commute.

But, with much of the island still without power and electricity, it’s become impossible to find any gas in the city, meaning that as of today many cabs have stopped operating.

“Everyone’s hungry for gas,” Raj Bhuiyan, an attendant at a BP gas station in lower Manhattan, said, explaining that his location is “mostly for cabbies.”

Many cab drivers have frustratingly put most of their time this week just to search for gas, to no avail. Apparently there is no gas whatsoever to be found in Brooklyn, Queens, or Manhatten.

“I don’t know if I can work tomorrow,” said Malik Awan, a cab driver in New York. “There’s no gas at any gas station… and no supplies coming in.”

Looks like it’s going to be a while yet before people can get back to their routines and regular lives.

Image Credit: Andrew Gauthier



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