Simple Eye Test to Diagnose Schizophrenia Discovered

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Scientists have discovered a new way to detect schizophrenia in people that is almost 100% accurate.

Although the test gives next to perfect results, it is astonishingly simple. for all it requires is a simple check of the eyes.

Using ‘simple viewing tests’ researchers at Aberdeen University “explored the ability of eye movement tests to sort schizophrenics from healthy people.

“Those with schizophrenia showed well documented deficits in ability to track slow-moving objects smoothly with their eyes. Schizophrenics also found it more difficult to maintain a steady gaze.”

The simplicity of the test is mildly disconcerting, but this is a successful measure in the advancement of early detection of this dreaded disease. The research is now being used to see if these findings can be used for “earlier intervention in mental illness.”


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