13 Million Dollar Bank Statement Left in Cafe with Cryptic Message

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Want to be a millionaire? It’s simple. At least according to this guy.

This bank statement was found in a Second Cup earlier this week with one simple message. That message is that it’s quite attainable to become a multi-millionaire, all you have to do is neglect every responsibility in your life except for your business.

The note reads as follows:

The secret to happiness is freedom. This, right here, is freedom.

The secret to freedom is courage. All of your dreams can come true if you have the COURAGE to PURSUE them. RID your life of distractions, DON’T focus on relationships, thats a big one. DON’T listen to the people who say stop. Just focus on YOU and your BUSINESS. Everything else can come later, as it’s easier to get later than THIS.

We were able to get in touch with the Bank Statement Guy (as you can see in our comments below). Unfortunately we won’t be able to verify any personal details for BSG as he is choosing to remain anonymous. Here’s what he has to say about the origin and rationale behind the letter:

Essentially I deposited a cheque from a customer and walked to the closest Second Cup (Coffee shop here in Canada) and was sitting down while I heard someone on the window bar saying to their friend I need some inspiration to keep me going. I eavesdropped a little bit as I was curious as to what she wanted to keep going with, however, she never explicitly said, though she did mention her boyfriend drains her energy. That last bit struck a chord with me. I knew that feeling.

So, what I wanted to do was to write a little note that inspired, and encouraged people to cut excess baggage off their journey to whatever they wanted to accomplish. Now, goals and accomplishments are personable; my goals were mostly financial which is why I used my statement as a vehicle to deliver the message. I could have written it on a piece of paper, but I doubt I’d be sharing this story with you if it was on a basic piece of Hilroy’s very own.

I left before the they did, I don’t know if she even had a chance to see the paper as the one who actually took the picture that’s viral today is a guy. I was able to track him down and get in touch with him. We’re planning to meet in person sometime in October to discuss possibly being a mentor to him.

While BSG chooses to remain anonymous (for obvious reasons) it seems he’s actually quite an inspirational figure. Granted we can never understand the motives of any one man, it is my personal belief that no one would leave this type of note - in reference to the aforementioned story - in order to boast and brag about their financial fortitude. Rather I believe that BSG was espousing this knowledge to boost the confidence of this young woman, albeit in a rather ostentatious form.

The image initially, found on Fastlane Forums, was posted by AcquireCurrency. We have contacted them for information regarding their posting of the image and will get back to you when we hear more of that side of the story.


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