Calvin & Hobbes Search Engine Is Perfect, Also Builds Character

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No matter what he does on a bumper sticker, Calvin (and his wonderful tiger) will always have a place in our hearts for being in the greatest comic strip ever. Both wickedly smart and charmingly goofy, the series is chock full of quotes and life lessons we wish we could access with our fingertips — and now we can.

With a simple search, this comprehensive, indispensable tool will deliver the Calvin & Hobbes comic you’re looking for, just like that. A dedicated fan known as “Bing” (not the search engine) transcribed every line of dialogue from every strip into the ultimate database, otherwise known as “heaven”. Want to find every Calvinball reference in chronological order? Or that one Spaceman Spiff that Google couldn’t find? Screw Google. Here’s your golden ticket.

By the way, you know what makes a great Christmas gift? The Complete Calvin & Hobbes collection. Your loved ones will thank you.

Via ComicsAlliance


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