Disney Looking to Purchase Hasbro

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After striking a multi-billion dollar deal with Lucasfilm, Disney is following through with it’s plan to own absolutely everything, and is now looking to purchase Hasbro. A company holding a plethora of palpable licences including My Little Pony, Transformers  Monopoly, Dungeons and Dragons, and a slew of other titles. Essentially, another goldmine for Disney.

According to MTV, who first reported the story, “serious discussions are happening at the highest levels.” All happening between tw companies who already have a strong working relationship with one another, with Hasbro developing toys and games based on Disney properties.

With Hasbro properties being shopped around between Paramount, Universal and Sony, the company has had a rough time getting it’s licenses onto the big screen. A deal with disney could easily cure that, keeping everything under one roof.

All that said though, do we really want to see a My Little Pony, or Tonka themed movie?


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