New iPhone App Tracks Down All of Your Friends Sexy Facebook Photos

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Have you ever solemnly wished to score some pictures of your Facebook friends all scantily clad and such? Well then, you might be a pervert. Fortunately though, a new iPhone app has this praticular problem in mind and aims to solve it.

The obviously male-centred “Badabing” app is being billed as “the only social image recognition app,” which means that by using this app, you simply enter a friends name and it will download all of their indecent photos to your mobile device.

While this is all fine and well for pervy men everywhere, the apps release has brought into quesiton another audience it may attract: pedophiles.

The app states that users must be 17 years old to download the app, but it doesn’t specify any age limit on which Facebook members you can search for. In fact, the apps own display pictures on iTunes display teenage girls and even babies. So, that’s creepy.

While this all sounds quite malicious, while reviewing the app CNET made a poignant observation saying, “All the bikini pictures on Facebook were presumably uploaded by people who’d like others to see their bikini pictures… Here’s an app offering: ‘Find your friends’ sexy pics instantly.’”

All that aside, given the apps controversy and refusal to answer questions concerning privacy or functionality  it is only a matter of time before Apple bans the sale of the app from its store.


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