Eight-Year-Old Writes Letter to Romney Expressing Rage Over PBS Cuts, Cuteness Ensues

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After last nights debate, social media sites ignited with rage regarding Romney’s plan to cut funding to PBS. Perhaps none were more upset than eight-year-old Cecilia Crawford though.

Cecilia penned a letter to Romney, which was forwarded by her mom to the Romney campaign as well as The Huffington Post, expressing her rage, telling the presidential candidate to “leave Sesame Street alone.”

The letter reads as follows:

“Dear Mitt Romney,

 I saw you on the debate last night and you said you would cut off PBS Kids with Sesame Street on it. It was my favorite     show on Earth. But now I’m 8 years old. When I grow up I’m going to get married and I want my kids to watch it so do not cut it off. You find something else to cut off! Don’t hurt little kids. They need Sesame Street where they can learn from it. Save Big Bird and his friends.


Cecilia Arlene Crawford

From Pink Road Alabama”

Harsh words indeed. Save Big Bird!

Image Credit: The Huffington Post


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