Fox Acquires The Movie License for Sesame Street

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The last Sesame Street movie was released in 1999, only the second film in the television show’s forty-three year history.

Thirteen years later, 20th Century Fox is now seeking to create a third full length feature film. They have acquired the movie license to one of the most popular TV shows ever and hired a writer and producers.

Joey Mazzarino, a twenty-two year veteran puppeteer and writer for Sesame Street will be undertaking the assignment.

What will be interesting is the direction of the film that Fox chooses to take. Realistically, they should be aiming to please the children of today, however they may attempt to create a film that resinates with the Sesame Street fans of the past.

Either way, as a former child, I’ll be looking forward to see Cookie Monster in full gorge mode.


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