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The Christmas season… A time of compassion where people start thinking about helping others in need. But every year the same charities are getting all the attention during Christmas.
Donate now to a different charity with

This website randomly selects a charity for you from the internet. Now you can donate to a charity you never heard of and help others in need.

It’s a very simple concept. You are not pushed to make any donations, but just try it out to see which charity the website picks out for you. Learn more about the random charities and if you feel connected with the foundation, help them out with a small gift.

Created by “The Internet Kids”

A small community composed of people from different professions all with one thing in common “a strong love for the internet”. Advertisers, translators, engineers, architects, web designers, physicists etc. are working together in order to make better ideas and spread them all around the World Wide Web.



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