James Bond Cried Like a Little Girl the First Time He Heard Adele’s “Skyfall’

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Daniel Craig has admitted to crying the first time he heard the theme for the new James bond film “Skyfall,” sung by Adele.

The often-stern fellow said the song “perfectly” matched the movie and said, “I cried. From the opening bars I knew immediately, then the voice kicked in and it was exactly what I’d wanted from the beginning.”

Having received mixed reviews, the track has ultimately been deemed a success, shooting to No. 1 on the iTunes chart just ten hours after its release. This is still a welcomed endorsement however, with the release of “Skyfall” looming.

“It just got better and better because it fitted the movie. In face the more of the movie we made, the more it fitted it.”

Does this sound like a good thing? We’ll see on November 7th.

Image Credit: Getty Images



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